Kubernetes Native Phoenix Apps: Part 3

Now that we’ve established a viable workflow for building and running our application in Docker containers, it’s time to take our first pass at running those containers on Kubernetes!

Kubernetes Native Phoenix Apps: Part 2

One of the quickest ways to rapidly prototype and confirm that your new Docker image is viable is to stand it up in a Docker-Compose environment. I often skip this step nowadays but it’s still a very useful validation step, and is more generally applicable in open source projects where we can’t fully assume Kubernetes as a target.

Kubernetes Native Phoenix Apps: Part 1

As described in the introductory post, this article will briefly outline the installation of Distillery 2 as well as including a deeper philosophical and technical explanation of how I structure multi-stage Docker images for Elixir/Phoenix applications.

Kubernetes Native Phoenix Apps: Introduction

I’m kicking off a new blog series that focuses on the intersection of Elixir and Kubernetes. This is becoming a more and more popular deployment target for companies and developers who don’t find a comfortable fit with other options that make different trade-offs.